Confidentiality is important. I will never share information about your sessions without your consent. The only time I do share information is if I am concerned for your safety or for the safety of those around you.   Normally I would let you know that I will need to share information in order to get additional suitable support in place for you. 

My case notes will not have any identifiable details on them except for initials and the date of the session.

In accordance with the British Psychological Society, The National Hypnotherapy Society and the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society. I take part in regular supervision where I may discuss your case. This will be done in a way that maintains your anonymity. 


  GDPR - How I will store your data

  I store all physical documents in a locked filing cabinet and electronic records in an encrypted computer      system.

  How long we store your data and how we dispose of it

  I keep session notes and contact details seven years after our last contact (or seven years after you turn 18, whichever is longer). 

  I destroy all records by physical or electronic shredding or similar methods of secure destruction.